Serlina favorita de GNTM: ¿tiene novio?

GNTM’s Favorite Serlina: Does she have a boyfriend?

GNTM's Favorite Serlina: Does she have a boyfriend?

GNTM-Serlina: Your friend lives in Israel

Different to Former GNTM Candidate Greta Faeser Serlina is quite pragmatic in her love life: “Having a long-distance relationship in Israel is difficult, but possible. Finally, there are Skype, WhatsApp and mobile phones. Serlina also regularly flies to Israel to visit her boyfriend. In her private life, she also likes to go to festivals and is particularly interested in electronic music.

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Serlina Hohmann has little interest in sports, she revealed. too With Spiders and great heights she can’t do a thing She gives a very personal insight into her life and reveals it right away. its biggest peculiarities: “I am totally clumsy and forgetful. In a year I will have lost four cell phones – I still don’t know how I did it today. Despite its “quirks”, GNTM and its customers welcome it. She has the coveted at Berlin Fashion Week Work with you He grabbed it and shot a commercial. That Serlina Hohmann ins Final of GNTM 2017 in Oberhausen moving out is as good as it is safe.