Golden Girl se convierte en Edgy Chick: las estrellas aman el cabello rubio platino

Golden Girl becomes Edgy Chick: stars love platinum blonde hair

Golden Girl becomes Edgy Chick: stars love platinum blonde hair

Star trend

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The girl Elena Perminova has it, Rita Ora has it, Lena Dunham and Michelle Williams also, of course Gwen Stefani loves her too; we’re talking, of course, platinum blonde, almost white blonde hair, which many famous women have recently moved into. break away from your natural hair color and rely on a fresher, edgier look. With Kirsten Dunst and Dianna Agron, too, the California girl style with golden blonde hair has now given way to a striking look in platinum blonde. Even brighter, even more eye-catching and even more modern – we’ll show you the most beautiful platinum blonde looks of the stars in our photo show and tell you what to watch out for even when you’re blonde.

It’s certainly not unheard of that stars often tend to dare to try something new when it comes to hair, and sometimes just update their look overnight. After all, their styles often determine the trends we observe. Now after Lena Dunham and Lauren Conrad, Dianna Agron and Kirsten Dunst have decided to turn sweet into super stylish.

A cool blonde please

Not long ago, white blonde hair was considered unnatural; no wonder, after all, this shade is unnatural. The women who wore them were called Barbies and they were associated with a not particularly high IQ. Also, the “hydrogen blondes” were considered cold, alien and distant. Apparently it only took a few celebrities to turn the It-Girls’ no-go into the absolute trend look and give it a casual reputation thanks to undone styling and soft cuts. While it was just a few nuances with Lauren Conrad and Kirsten Dunst that set the new look apart from the originally honey blonde, Glee star Dianna Agron got her nails done and underwent a complete makeover. She said goodbye to the soft bob and the prominent blonde. Extremely shiny and with a precision cut hairstyle, she now shines with the trendy platinum look.

Not for everyone

We have to admit that it is not so easy to imitate the modern look of celebrities. By bleaching hair to such a light shade, pigments are removed from the hair, which naturally damages the hair. That is why you should definitely only have such a mane lightening done by a professional, think carefully about the experiments on your own and certainly do not resort to bleaching if your hair is brittle or damaged. Women with very dark hair should also reconsider their decision for ultra light hair. Because with black or dark brown hair, the whole process becomes quite difficult because the natural pigments of the hair are simply too dominant.

The best prerequisites for the platinum blonde trend are women whose hair is naturally ash blonde. The dark blonde shade can be relatively easily lightened to the desired white blonde. Another plus point is shorter hair. Shoulder length hair is usually healthier than long hair due to the regular cut. It is also obvious that a more uniform result can be achieved with shorter hair.

Special pats

If you’ve really dared to take the step into the ultra-bright shade, you need to be careful not to burden your head unnecessarily or additionally. That means: no messy buns, no metallic hair ties, no hot styling, no wild rubs or excessive styling.

In detail: You should not comb wet hair as it is particularly sensitive in this condition. It is best to style the hair with a wide tooth comb before washing and to shape it with your fingers after washing. Not only do you do something nice for your hair, but you also provide the basis for the un-trendy look. Also, you shouldn’t rub your wet hair like crazy with a towel, just rub the moisture on it. When drying and straightening hair, the temperature should not exceed 45 degrees. True straightener fans who only start using the 180 degree straightener should change their styling routine ASAP. Also, you should try to change your hairstyle as often as possible. Anyone who wears a high bun every day puts too much stress on their hair in the same places.

We show you how the stars wear their platinum blonde hair with examples in our photo show.

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