¿Frambuesa dorada para Rob?

Golden raspberry for Rob?

Golden raspberry for Rob?

the “Raspberry Award” (“Golden Raspberry”) is traditionally awarded the night before the Oscars. The unfortunate winner is recognized for the worst acting performance of the year. It is understandable that no one is interested in this award. Instead of the gold-plated Oscar-Manneken, you get one Ugly plastic raspberry worth about 5 euros.

While Robert Pattinson was already speculating about an Oscar for his lead role in “Water for Elephants,” he now has to worry about embarrassing himself at the “Raspberry Awards.” He was nominated for his appearance in Twilight “Eclipse” and the romance “Remember Me.” It’s embarrassing when it hits him twice. But there’s still a chance that he’ll get away with a black eye: Acting colleague Taylor Lautner is in the current ranking of the LA. worst actor, also in Twilight Eclipse, that is, before him!

As in 2010, “Twilight” is leading the negative vote. Kristen Stewart also made the list of nominees for “Golden Raspberry.” But do not spread panic! A lady seems almost certain to win the Anti-Award for worst actress: Miley Cyrus leads the list of nominations with 46% of the votes! With the // 814649: “Golden Raspberry” 2010 he got away with it …

What you think? Is it fair that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are nominated for worst actors, or is it sheer envy of success? Who would you suggest for the Golden Raspberry?