Google Plus fue solo un "clon de mierda"

Goodbye Android: Facebook wants to kick Google out

Google Plus was just a "fucking clone"

Facebook relies on Google’s Android operating system for its own hardware, but this dependency should soon be a thing of the past.

For years, it was said that Samsung was slowly but surely moving away from Android with its internal Tizen operating system. To date, this strategy has not come true, Google’s operating system is still used for smartphones and tablets. Samsung only uses Tizen on televisions and various portable devices. However, some well-known tech companies want and must rethink their approach, they are throwing Android overboard and relying on their own operating systems. In addition to Huawei (HarmonyOS), this will soon apply to Facebook as well.

Facebook wants to get rid of Android and Google

Until now, Facebook has been using Android on part of its own hardware, on the Oculus Go, for example. The all-rounder among operating systems. But the future should look different. Facebook is developing its own software and has long been confirmed and announced by high-level employees. Facebook expects more freedom with this change, and then you will have development completely in your own hands.

Everything that runs on Android basically depends a bit on the goodwill of Google. Although the Linux kernel-based operating system is freely available (AOSP), development still relies heavily on Google. The announced changes will not change the fact that Facebook will continue to offer various internal Android apps and services in the future.