La UE probablemente agitó el acuerdo de Fitbit: ¿la última pieza del rompecabezas de Google para el primer Pixel Watch?

Google: a Fitbit update that may hint at the Pixel Watch

The EU probably stirred up the Fitbit deal: Google's final piece of the puzzle for the first Pixel Watch?

Google repeatedly talks about wanting to build new devices together with Fitbit. Are these the clear signs of a Pixel Watch with Wear OS?

There have been several negative reports in recent weeks about Google’s acquisition of Fitbit. Authorities want to take a closer look at the deal. Furthermore, it is not yet very clear what will actually result from the acquisition. A better Fitbit or a real Wearble department for Google? Now there is a small update from Google on this subject, with interesting comments.

According to Google, the market for wearable devices is currently very competitive and yet it does not offer its own devices. But that could change in the future when Fitbit and Google are under the same roof. In any case, Google plans to increase competition in this area with the acquisition. “The next generation of devices should be better and more affordable,” it says in a section of the press release.

Google only wants the hardware, not the data

Once again, Google emphasizes that they want Fitbit’s hardware first and foremost, so buying from the company doesn’t happen because of user data. We have heard these statements several times in the recent past and we must believe them. Which, of course, is also planned by Google, after all, they want to moderate the EU Commission and other authorities. In my opinion, the deal appears to be very important to Google, it is not just “just any” acquisition.

“This deal is about devices, not data. We made it clear from the start that we will not use Fitbit health and wellness data for Google ads. We recently made a legally binding commitment to the European Commission regarding the use of Fitbit data. As with all of our products, we offer Fitbit users the option to review, move, or delete their data. We will continue to support broad connectivity and interoperability for our products and those of other companies. “

Google wants to build new devices with Fitbit

It’s clear from one final sentence that Google clearly wants to build new devices with the help of Fitbit. It’s still unclear if a Pixel Watch will come or if Fitbit’s new hardware will benefit from Google’s robust software. But not only among us is the desire for Google to create its own Wear OS watch that is based on the simple pixel principle.

“We are confident that by working closely with Fitbit’s team of experts and combining our expertise with AI, software and hardware Create attractive devices for people around the world.

Now, however, Google must first convince authorities that they could still hamper the acquisition. Google promises to work closely with the EU Commission.