Axel Voss pide el uso de la aplicación Corona para obtener ventajas en la vida cotidiana

Google and Apple are working together on Corona contact measurement

Axel Voss calls for the use of the Corona app to gain benefits in everyday life

At unusual times, unusual things happen, such as the announced collaboration between Google and Apple to measure contacts through mobile devices.

In tough times you see the cooperation of competitors over and over again, at least that’s what happens in many industries with effective advertising. With the collaboration between Google and Apple that has now been announced, we hope that the announcement will not only be positive for the marketing departments of the two leaders in the smartphone market. Both companies are working together on a technological solution that will soon help to measure contact with Corona (Covid-19). At the level of its iOS and Android mobile operating systems, Google announced on Good Friday.

Apple and Google work together

“To enable and promote such contact measurements, Google and Apple will bring a comprehensive solution to market that includes interfaces (APIs / Application Programming Interfaces) and technologies at the operating system level. Given the high level of urgency, the plan is to implement this solution in two steps while ensuring strong protection of user privacy.

Both companies will initially launch APIs in May that enable interoperability between Android and iOS devices using applications from health authorities. Authorities can make their certified applications available through the respective application stores, where users can download them. “

Bluetooth help

Second, Google and Apple will work on a more comprehensive Bluetooth-based platform for contact measurements in the coming months by integrating the functionality in question into the underlying platforms. This solution is more robust than a programming interface and also allows many more people to voluntarily participate in such a system.

This approach also supports collaboration across a broader ecosystem of health authorities and applications. Data protection, transparency and voluntary participation are of utmost importance in this project ”.

There are already several such projects across the EU, but help from the makers of the two Android and iOS smartphone platforms could mean a big leap. The specialty is, of course, the cooperation between Apple and Google, as well as the compatibility of iOS with Android. Contact measurement can be used to track when people have been close. This is important both for alert systems and for traceability of virus spread.

Corona tracking apps will likely start after Easter