Nuevo: Discover en la aplicación de Google se está rediseñando nuevamente

Google app and Chrome browser show much larger article suggestions

New: Discover in the Google app is getting redesigned again

Google is testing a much more generous preview of cool articles from the web in two Android apps.

Google is testing a different preview for suggested articles in some of its own Android apps. In Discover (Google app) and in the Chrome browser, the suggested articles from our and other websites have been showing much larger for a few days. This means that you can see less different content at a glance, but much larger preview images. The user has no other choice, but Google will initially measure people’s engagement rate with a test run.

Google is testing new article previews

I currently see a mix of the old view and the new one. Sometimes articles are displayed very large, sometimes there is a smaller preview with small cover images. Sometimes it seems that in the following screenshot I see the smaller rendering of two articles and the much larger preview below for another article.