El Asistente de Google lleva la traducción de la cámara a los teléfonos con funciones

Google Assistant brings camera translation to feature phones

Google Assistant brings camera translation to feature phones

Now more features are also being transferred from the full Google Assistant to the mobile version for so-called feature phones.

The Google Assistant for so-called feature phones is expanding these days; now you can do a little more in the area of ​​foreign language translation. For the user, this means much more comfort in daily life. Google is initially integrating the innovation into KaiOS devices in India, the feature is initially only available for the English language. As you already know from the full Wizard and lens, you can simply hold the phone’s camera on the text in a foreign language and this will be translated immediately.

The Google Assistant on feature phones is getting better

“With the wizard, you can click on the camera symbol to simply point your phone at actual text (for example, a product label, street sign, or document) and have it read, translated, or defined. in your preferred language. Just press and hold the center button on the home screen to start the wizard. “

Feature phones with KaiOS are also available in Europe, for example Nokia phones from recent years. Some time ago, Google had become part of these devices, but now it is planning a “replacement” with Android Go.