El Asistente de Google llega a los televisores Samsung: ¿Bixby falló?

Google Assistant Comes to Samsung TVs: Did Bixby Crash?

Google Assistant Comes to Samsung TVs: Did Bixby Crash?

Bixby is slowly disappearing from Samsung’s spotlight. In the future, South Korean TVs will also feature Assistant and Alexa on board.

Samsung has been offering our own voice assistant for some time. Bixby hasn’t become a big deal to this day, the market is dominated by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. Siri is only used by Apple users and therefore only in a small part of the smartphones sold. Aside from mobile devices, Amazon dominates and Google tries to keep up. Bixby doesn’t matter, to which Samsung has now responded with an announcement.

Samsung brings the competition to its own smart TVs

So Samsung is taking the message into the new year to equip its own smart TVs with voice assistants from other companies in the future. Amazon and Google offer the corresponding interfaces, so Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will be installed on Samsung TVs in the future. Probably to control the television, but also for the smart home.

It is by no means directly a death sentence for Bixby, but the internal language assistant has been taking a back seat for some time. In certain areas, traditional hardware companies cannot establish their own software. Bixby also seems to be proof of this.