Google: Stadia obtiene Touch y otras innovaciones

Google Assistant gets keyboard autocomplete and lands on Stadia controllers

Google: Stadia gets Touch and other innovations

The Google Assistant will receive a new addition to smartphones and will be available to Stadia players.

The Google Assistant receives two hugely contradictory pieces of news. After the first few users with initial Stadia subscriptions still needed a bit of patience, the voice assistant can now be used through the available Stadia controller. It can be activated in the Stadia app settings, the Google Assistant can be launched and used directly from the Stadia controller. Of course, the entries are made by voice. Clear.

The wizard should only be available later while you play. Initially, the Google Assistant can only be used from the Stadia home screen. As a result, like Stadia as a whole, this feature should slowly grow and improve. Therefore, Google continues to promote the innovation as “early access” with a broad restriction to some features.

Autocomplete for keyboard input

On smartphones, the Google Assistant can also take commands using the keyboard. You just have to type it. Google is introducing a handy extension for keyboard input, namely automatic completion. Quite similar to what we find in all Google search bars on the web and in applications. It’s funny why this implementation took so long. The autocomplete feature will only be available to all users in the next few days.

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