Novedades y mejoras para el Asistente de Google

Google Assistant gets new recipe and Android Auto features

What's new and improved for the Google Assistant

Google is donating the small Android Auto and Assistant innovations that should be available to users with the latest app updates effective immediately.

For the Google Assistant, other innovations land on the table. Anyone eating outside the “norm”, for example gluten-free or even vegan, will receive new options for recipe suggestions. It can be configured in the wizard settings for first-time users, so that the wizard takes into account the appropriate preferences when selecting recipes on smart screens. Initially, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.

Google Assistant with changes for Android Auto

With one of the latest updates to the app, the Google Assistant also gets new features in the Android Auto interface. The wizard is now displayed there at the bottom of the screen. Later, the activated voice control symbol should appear directly in the bottom navigation bar. See the following screenshots.

Additionally, the new weather display in the top status bar and modifiable app menu are now available in Android Auto. The latter can be found in the Android Auto application settings on your smartphone.

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