Sostenga mi teléfono: el Asistente de Google se convertirá en un agente de centro de llamadas privado

Google Assistant: Smart Home Innovations

Hold my phone - Google Assistant will become a private call center agent

For the smart home, Google is also introducing some innovations to the assistant, including household contacts and digital sticky notes.

Google has officially announced a few more new features for the Assistant. In addition to the read-aloud function for smartphones, there are of course new options for your smart home. This includes “planned actions”. This allows the functions of your own smart home hardware to be performed on demand at a specific time, although this does not happen regularly. It does remind a bit of routines that have been available for a long time, but it is simpler and can be executed at any time directly by voice command.

Ok Google, turn on the coffee maker at 6 am

There is also the innovation for smart displays with Google Assistant that users can create sticky notes. The classic yellow notes, only in virtual or digital form. “Household Notes is a quick way to get rid of paper note clutter around the house and make sure your notes are displayed in one place using the Digital Sticky Notes Wizard on your smart screen.”

Another innovation concerns quick access to contacts. You can provide important phone numbers for your home so calls to other people in the family can be made quickly. Google calls the contacts in this household. Grandmother, grandfather, uncle. You know, close family contacts.

The aforementioned innovations are on the way, but will only be available for the next several months.

The Google Assistant reads the Internet out loud