El Asistente de Google gana: Cortana se rinde, ¿cuándo Bixby?

Google Assistant Wins: Cortana Gives Up, When Does Bixby?

Google Assistant wins: Cortana gives up, when does Bixby?

Although the Google ecosystem is firmly built into almost all Android smartphones, there were alternatives to various apps, but they failed.

Microsoft also tried to implement its own Cortana voice assistant on the fly, but this project ultimately failed miserably. This is partly due to the Google Assistant, which has by far the largest presence in the Android world. Because Microsoft could only wait for the voluntary installation of Cortana, the chances were really bad from the start. Microsoft confirms this and now announces the end of Cortana on Android and iOS.

“The first change is to end support for all third-party Cortana capabilities on September 7. In early 2021 we will stop supporting the Cortana app for mobile devices (iOS and Android) ”.

Cortana remains integrated into some Microsoft Android apps, but only because of consistent functionality with Windows apps.

The Google Assistant makes it difficult for everyone

There are also few opportunities for others. Amazon has some exclusive deals with smartphone manufacturers, so the Android devices sold there are equipped with pre-installed Alexa. Otherwise, installation is voluntary on the part of the customer, and Alexa has only been moderately deployed on mobile devices to date. Samsung’s Bixby is similar, the voice assistant is only firmly anchored in the system of Samsung devices out of the box.

Bixby has not been a success to date, even if Samsung has always sold the majority of smartphones in recent years. There were briefly Samsung smartphones with a dedicated button for Bixby, but this idea was quickly scrapped. In recent days it has been announced that Google wants its Assistant and other applications to be more present on Samsung smartphones. With a correspondingly generous payment, this could finally spell the end for Bixby.

Google dominates

Android smartphones are an integral part of the Google ecosystem in the western world, so other comparable services, aside from the Google Assistant, really don’t stand a chance. A completely separate ecosystem without Google, as Huawei now has to build, offers many more opportunities for a separate solution (voice assistants, news feeds, etc.). Successes alongside Google applications such as Samsung Internet will remain the exception.