Google lleva una ingeniosa aplicación de grabación a los teléfonos inteligentes Pixel más antiguos

Google Brings Nifty Recording App to Older Pixel Smartphones

Google is launching its recording app for the Pixel 2, 3, and 3a that it introduced with the Pixel 4.

Google has introduced a new recording app for its own Android smartphones, but initially the new app was only available to users with Google Pixel 4. Now that that’s changing, owners of the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3a smartphones they also have access to the really nifty app. Recorder, as it’s called, can do more than just record.

In Google’s words: “With Recorder, you can now also search for your audio recordings. Meetings, lectures, band rehearsals, family memories, anything you want to hear later. Recorder automatically transcribes and names recordings so you can quickly and easily find the places you want. “

Google’s recording app offers more

Right. You can use the recorder to create voice recordings (notes), the text of which is automatically recognized by the software because it is being transcribed. You can then search for words you have said to find a specific note or a specific place in a note.

However, Google says that some of the features are still only available in English.