Google Calendar: agregar nuevas citas rápidamente es mucho mejor

Google Calendar: discovered innovations: show work and private profile at the same time

Google Calendar: adding new appointments quickly is much better

Until now, company profiles on Android have been strictly separated from Android apps for private use, but this should relax with the calendar.

Google seems to want to give the calendar another feature update soon, the planned innovations are already indicated by the teardown in the source code of the current Android app. Soon it should be possible to display two profiles on the calendar at the same time. In the mix the private and professional calendar. Of course, this only comes into play if you use Google Calendar for Business for business purposes.

Then you can display the calendars together, but the confidential data storage remains separate from each other. Until now, job profiles on Android have been completely isolated. So you have a calendar app for the work profile and a copy of the calendar app for private use. At least presenting your appointments should be easier so that you don’t always have to switch between the almost identical calendar app.

In the so-called disassembly, the source code of a current version of the application is analyzed. Text modules and other information about new features often appear at an early stage. At this time, however, it is rarely possible to say when and if the innovations that have been discovered will actually be available to users.