Google Calendar: agregar nuevas citas rápidamente es mucho mejor

Google Calendar for Android: assign appointments to another calendar

Google Calendar: adding new appointments quickly is much better

Google is bringing an innovation to the Google Calendar app for Android that allows us to assign existing appointments to a different calendar.

For the Android app, Google is integrating a small innovation into the Google calendar. Users can now assign existing appointments directly to another calendar. Once you have received the relevant update on your device, you can open an appointment, edit it, and save it there for another calendar. What sounds so banal actually seems to be new in recent days. You have been on the web for a while, you are new to the Android app.

Appointments can be reassigned

App version 2019.45.1-279921459-release is required for innovation, but it should have been available for a long time as an app update via the Play Store. Before the innovation described was introduced, it was necessary to copy an appointment and therefore recreate it for a different calendar. However, the citation was automatically duplicated because the original entry was not deleted. However, “Copy To” is still available through the three-dot menu.