Sin contacto: finalmente quiero usar mis tarjetas de débito con Google Pay

Google Card leaked: physical credit card with application to compete with Apple Card

Contactless: I finally want to use my debit cards with Google Pay

Google appears to be preparing its own credit card for market launch, and the company is planning a physical Visa credit card with the Google card.

In recent months, Google has been working harder on its own credit card and numerous screenshots show the competition with the Apple Card. The Google card must also be a physical credit card, which of course is also available in virtual form for Google Pay on smartphones and smart watches. At first it seems certain that a Visa card definitely exists. Google is working with banks to implement this. But there are no details yet on the German market.

Google is becoming a fintech

An advantage of such a card is, of course, the ecosystem behind it, such as the extensive application to manage the credit card. Of course, there are new advantages for Google, you can get to know your customers and users even better and optimize your own ad networks based on them. Because everything can be managed through the app, the physical card can also be locked and unlocked at any time with the push of a button. Contactless features can be disabled and much more.

An Apple Card has been around for a long time and Google wants to offer its own alternative for Android customers. There is no official announcement yet, all the information comes from an extensive leak about this project.