El chat de Google está disponible para todos en el primer país

Google chat is available to everyone in the first country

Google chat is available to everyone in the first country

RCS is boosting, now the new Google Chat is available to all Android users in the first market. Can I continue to receive the SMS successor?

Google announced some time ago with Chat that it would deeply integrate RCS into Android and thus could offer a messenger on all Android smartphones out of the box. After a while, Google Chat in America is now available to everyone with Android smartphones, including Google apps. Users can communicate with the pre-installed Messages application as if they were text messages. Only without character restriction, with more functions and via data line.

RCS on the rise thanks to Google

RCS is the successor to SMS. With the same ease of integration into the system, but with the advantages of modern messaging applications. Groups, sending files, etc. To date, no one has been able to advance RCS, the experiments of the German network operators that began years ago also failed. However, Google now wants to address the problem correctly. All over the world. Especially since Google is using it to create a messaging platform for Android, like the one Apple offers in the form of iMessage on devices.

Google Chat is already starting in Europe, but German users still have to be patient. Or is it already too late for RCS because everyone is on WhatsApp, Telegram and company anyway?


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