Nuevo para Chrome: acceso directo de incógnito, finalización diferida para aplicaciones de Chrome y píldoras de búsqueda de tendencias

Google Chrome gets a grace period for Windows 7

New for Chrome: Incognito shortcut, deferred completion for Chrome apps, and trending search pills

In January 2020, Microsoft will stop product maintenance for Windows 7 and the Chrome browser will be fully supported for a final period from this date.

Google is discontinuing support for Windows 7, but the Chrome browser can still be fully used for a while. Now the company has granted a grace period. During this time, the Chrome browser should run with full support on Windows 7. This operating system is nearing the end of its own life and will then no longer be updated or improved by Microsoft. At the same time, this also means the end of support for many applications. Sooner or later, that is usually very individual.

Chrome on Windows 7: over a year

More specifically, Google says that support will continue until July 15, 2021. That’s exactly 18 months until then, after the end of Windows 7. Microsoft announced the end of Windows 7 for January 14, 2020. This has no why be a definitive end for the Google browser, as of the date communicated there is only no more official support and errors that may occur should not be corrected.

The same applies to Windows 7. After January 14 there will be no more updates. The bugs remain, as do the newly discovered security holes. Basically, of course, Microsoft recommends switching to a newer operating system.