Google Play Store: la próxima conversión radical para la aplicación de Android está aquí (capturas de pantalla)

Google clears Play Store and tests “My apps and games” more clearly

Google Play Store: The Next Radical Conversion For Android App Is Here (Screenshots)

Google is making the Play Store on Android devices a bit simpler again, parts of “My apps and games” seem to be disappearing.

Google cleans Play Store directly on Android devices. In any case, a new version of the “My apps and games” area has now appeared with the first users. This had gained several new tabs in recent months. On the one hand, there is a tab with all the applications for which you are registered in the beta version. Also, one tab provides an overview of all installed apps and another tab called Media Library shows all the apps that you have installed with your Google account.

Play Store: My apps and games seem to be more efficient

The less experienced user could easily get lost here, because there is also the Updates tab, and thus a total of four subareas. The first screenshots show that there could be fewer in the future. An optimized version of the “My Apps & Games” area has been released for multiple users, showing only an overview of upcoming updates and beta entries. The Media Center and Installed tabs can no longer be found there.

An overview of all the applications that have ever been installed is interesting. And the corresponding area in the system settings of all Android devices also offers an overview of the currently installed applications.

It is unclear when these changes will occur for all users and if they are intended for them.