Google Docs, Sheets, Slides ahora también puede editar archivos de Microsoft directamente sobre la marcha

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides can now also edit Microsoft files directly on the go

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides can now also edit Microsoft files directly on the go

Anyone at home in the Google universe but still in contact with Microsoft files will be happy with this update. And there is more.

Google Office Suite looks just as good on the smartphone or tablet as it does on the desktop and has been a constant companion for me for many years. However, mobile apps do not yet cover the full range of functions of the web version in detail, but they are gradually getting closer.

Among other things, this is guaranteed by the latest update, which is described in more detail on the G Suites update blog. After the update, files created with Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx and Co.) can be edited on the smartphone without prior conversion. This hasn’t been the case on the desktop for a long time, but thankfully the app is doing the same.

Preview link in Docs, Smart English Writing

There’s also a link preview in Google Docs, a multi-slide view in Google Slides, and a revised interface for comments.

Last but not least, Smart Compose was introduced in the mobile version of Google Office Suite. Typing support is still available in English only, but you know if German will be added at some point.

Google Docs now provides better information on the offline status of documents.

So far, the innovations have only been announced for the next software release, but they will only be rolled out gradually.

Link Previews in Docs, iOS, and Web

Link previews in Docs, Android

Smart redaction in Docs, iOS

Smart Drafting in Documents, Android