Samsung: otra función de Google Duo ahora está aterrizando en los teléfonos inteligentes Galaxy

Google Duo gets four new features

Samsung: another Google Duo feature is now landing on Galaxy smartphones

Google Duo has several innovations ready for its users, the new video codec is the most pleasant for bad internet connections.

Google has announced some new features for its video chat app, some of which have been known for a few days and weeks. There are four new features in total, Google announced on its own blog. For example, a new video codec (AV1) was introduced, which basically requires less bandwidth. On the contrary, with the same bandwidth as before, this means better video quality. Great when only lousy internet is available.

Google demonstrates the change in a video call with only 30 Kbit / s, which looks much better with the new video codec (left). Google plans to deliver the new codec in the coming weeks.

By the way, Netflix on Android is also based on this video codec.

Netflix: video streams in the Android app require less data

Common photos

Since many social contacts are currently limited to the virtual area, Google allows us to create photos along with a new function. For birthday greetings, for example. Here, Google Duo simply takes a photo of both chat participants and creates a two-sided collage. The new feature is available for Chromebooks, Android tablets, and smartphones. This innovation will soon be available on other devices and in larger groups.

Larger groups

The expansion of group calls to a total of twelve people has been known and has been available for several days. WhatsApp has recently followed suit, but only offers space for up to eight people.

Save video messages

Short video messages have been around for a long time on Duo. It will soon be new that these can be saved and not lost after 24 hours. “You will soon have the option to automatically save your messages to Duo instead of letting them expire after 24 hours. This makes it easy for you to keep your messages meaningful. “