Samsung: otra función de Google Duo ahora está aterrizando en los teléfonos inteligentes Galaxy

Google Duo: new option to react to video messages with emojis

Samsung: another Google Duo feature is now landing on Galaxy smartphones

Google Duo now receives reactions, in video messenger users can react to received video messages with a preselection of emojis.

Google is donating a little innovation to its own Duo video telephony app these days. Users can now react to the messages they have received with an emoji. There is a new button for received video messages, with which we can open a bar on the right edge of the screen, in which a series of popular or frequently used emojis can be found. There is only one preselection, not access to all emojis. Currently we can choose from a total of eight emojis, but not all of them are permanently fixed.

Reactions in Duo: Google gives us eight emojis

The first seven emojis seem to be firmly embedded by Google, the eighth emoji is individual and probably based on the current environment or season. Recently a Christmas tree was seen there and shortly after the fireworks emoji. In February there is certainly a reference to Valentine’s Day, then spring, and then Easter. These responses are primarily intended for video messages received, not past calls.

The screenshot below shows what the reactions look like when used. Recipients of reactions receive a corresponding notification from the Duo app on their smartphone.