Samsung: otra función de Google Duo ahora está aterrizando en los teléfonos inteligentes Galaxy

Google Duo will soon have space for 32 participants in group chats

Samsung: another Google Duo feature is now landing on Galaxy smartphones

Video chat apps have never been so popular. That is why more and more vendors are reacting with new features and other enhancements. Google Duo again soon.

In recent weeks, video chat providers have been updated and that does not seem to end. For Duo, Google had already increased to 12 people who can participate in a video call at the same time. Once again, there should be an increase in the maximum group size, which Google has unknowingly disclosed in promotional emails a few days earlier. The official announcement should not be long in coming.

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Google seems to implement this innovation if Google Duo can also be used in the browser for group calls. So up to 32 people should be able to call each other on Google Duo. It is not yet known if this group size is limited to the web version or if it is also possible with mobile devices. However, I expect availability regardless of device.

In any case, competitors like WhatsApp seem old. There are a maximum of eight people in a group call. A new option is Messenger Rooms, which is linked to WhatsApp and allows up to 50 people per phone call.

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