Google Fit: nueva página de inicio disponible

Google Fit gets a new step-centric app design

Google Fit: new home page available

Google Fit is receiving a new update for the “home page” of the applications, now the number of steps and heart points are in the foreground. This is what the users asked for.

For many people it is important to analyze their own movement how many steps they took in a day or in an activity. Therefore, Google is launching a redesign for Google Fit. It focuses much more on counting steps and entertaining and clear analysis of movements. New are the HP, the points of the heart. Previously, activity minutes and cardio points were more the focus of the Google Fit app. Higher activity ensures that heart points are reached faster. This should motivate and encourage users.

Google Fit focuses on the number of steps and heart points

Many users track their steps on a daily basis in Google Fit and in other applications. This is an important goal for them. We listen carefully to our users and now both the cardinal points and the number of steps are united as objectives in the center of our application. This change allows users to track their overall movement with steps while knowing when to increase their intensity to earn more Heart Points.

Google is gradually introducing these changes (pun of the day) for Android and iOS, as well as for smartwatches with Wear OS. There are also two new tiles for the watch’s operating system, which can be used to achieve faster workouts and daily progress towards set goals. Corresponding app updates should arrive on your devices in the coming days and weeks.