Google Fit: nueva página de inicio disponible

Google Fit: new home page available

Google Fit: new home page available

Google had announced an update for Fit, which now focuses on the steps taken. Now the update reaches users’ devices.

A few days ago Google announced a new design for the Fit homepage, now the focus is more on the steps it has taken. After a few days of waiting, the innovation now seems to be available for the Android app. I got the update Thursday night and it has been available on all Android smartphones ever since. Also, the update is coming to Wear OS smartwatches, so the home page display should change slightly as well. Fit counts your steps in the inner blue circle, the green outer circle symbolizes your cardio points.

Steps are important to users

“Many users track their steps daily on Google Fit and other applications. This is an important goal for them. We have listened carefully to our users and now both heart points and step count are joined as targets at the center of our app. This change allows users to track their overall movement with steps while knowing when to increase their intensity to earn more Heart Points. “

Google Fit gets a new step-centric app design