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Google in the days of Corona: never before has there been so much search for good news

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Bad news has been in the media for many weeks, with people searching for positive news online.

The coronavirus has been a problem in Germany and around the world for months, and contact bans and curfews have been in place in many parts of Europe for more than four weeks. Companies fear for their existence, employees for their jobs and many for their health. It’s a bad news moment that basically applies to everyone the same. This is reflected in Google search.

Never before have people searched for “good news” so frequently. Search queries in Germany increased significantly in early March and, following the initiation of the contact ban and the closure of many stores, reached the all-time high for the last five years. Meanwhile, the demand for better news has stabilized again.

People Google “good news”

Not only in Germany do Google search trends look like this, in the US search queries for good news have also increased tremendously. However, because Corona was “later” or took it seriously, the increase in search queries is only showing slightly later. But just like in this country, this search term reached its all-time high during the crown crisis.

Unfortunately, Google does not reveal in detail how many searches there are. Just put the frequency in relation. “Values ​​indicate search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the selected region in the specified period. The value 100 represents the highest popularity of this search term. The value 50 means that the term is half as popular and the value 0 means that there was not enough data available for this term ”.