Gboard: el teclado de Google te permite crear pegatinas con emojis

Google integrates Lens in the Gboard keyboard, which has an interesting function (video)

Gboard: the Google keyboard lets you create stickers with emojis

Google creates a very smart connection between Gboard and Google Lens, you can see the new application in a short video.

Google is starting to implement an exciting connection, because Google Lens and Gboard are now linked directly to each other. Initially, it’s true that Gboard mostly “just” has a link to the Lens app. But the applications are also linked in the other direction. At least in the beta versions of the two Google applications, the new functions are already shown and can now be used.

Google links Lens with Gboard

For one, you can jump to Google Lens directly from the keyboard app, which can be a handy shortcut. On the other hand, you can also send selected text from Google Lens directly to Gboard, which in turn inserts the received text directly into the open text field. Copying and pasting can also be done manually, but the new solution is somehow a bit cooler. The following video shows the look I just described:

Or even without a video, I took two screenshots. The novelty of Google Lens is that it can “send the highlighted text to the keyboard.” Possibly not available to you yet, the latest version of the application should be required for at least both applications.


Let’s see how practical this function is in everyday life.

via 9to5Google