Nuevo: Discover en la aplicación de Google se está rediseñando nuevamente

Google is finally integrating search filters into the Google app for Android

New: Discover in the Google app is getting redesigned again

Although Google has its own Android app for mobile search in the beginning, the search options of the web version are only available years later.

For a long time, Google has offered some search options on the web for its own search, for example, to be able to filter search results based on a certain period of time. These options were already available on the go, but not directly in the Google app. Curious. Now, after many years, there has been a surprising but rewarding change in circumstances, the search options are also available for search queries made through the Google mobile app.

The Google app finally offers search options from the web

For these search options, you just have to scroll right on the first button bar directly below the search bar. Three different filters are possible. Language, period and if the search should be done “literally”. It should look like our screenshot with you:

The new search options should be available in your Google app in the next few days, no app update seems necessary. An implementation of this type usually takes a few days or weeks, the Google servers decide it themselves.