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Google is removing coronavirus from the Play Store and why that is critical

Google has stopped several searches for the corona virus on the Play Store, but that should definitely be viewed critically.

In these times, it is difficult to know critical issues without receiving incorrect information. Especially when it comes to the coronavirus, you see a lot of panic and this may not always be appropriate. I do not want and cannot judge it. In any case, various actions show that large companies have no place on their platforms for panic and fake news. Ebay classifieds are trying to keep everything related to coronavirus out of the way, and now Google has acted as well.

At least where it might be okay for the company to step in. However, a limit can be overcome with it. For example, Google wants to provide initial information directly in its own web search, but it does not affect search results on this topic. It’s different in the Play Store, where search queries for coronavirus and Covid-19 no longer produce any search results. This approach must be considered critically because Google can retain useful search results.

Google suppresses search results, which must be viewed critically

In the US, for example, the official app of the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Certainly the correct search result when people search for a new disease. The right points of contact could use the search results to “intercept” people searching for the new disease. Of course, this is not possible if there are no more search results available for the relevant keywords.

As a market leader and first point of contact for web searches and apps alike, Google has to show a lot of sensitivity. My suggestion: Basically, when searching for diseases, please deliver regionally decisive apps from official institutions prominently as a search result.