Por lo tanto, ahora puede acceder a la popular cámara de Google para su teléfono inteligente más fácilmente

Google is testing HDR image enhancement for affordable entry-level smartphones

So now you can access the popular Google camera for your smartphone more easily

Google had already provided the first high-end features for the Android Go camera app, and HDR post-processing should also be possible in the future.

In recent years, Google has always been able to shine with HDR post-processing of its own camera app. Actually, this post-processing is only available on Pixel smartphones, ensuring good results every year compared to other smartphone cameras. Google recently brought the portrait feature to cheap smartphones via the Go camera, and there will likely be more at the top soon.

Best photos on cheap Android smartphones?

XDA developers know to report that Google is currently working on improving the HDR image for Google Camera Go. Therefore, there could soon be advantages of flagship smartphones in the lower price range. HDR means that the camera app takes multiple photos and combines them into a common result. The result is an even better photo, because in many areas combining multiple photos can produce the best possible result.

It should be interesting to see what this feature can get out of cheaper Android smartphone cameras. An official announcement is pending, it would probably have been in May for the unfortunately canceled Google I / O. Until now, there is rarely anything in favor of new Android Go smartphones in our region, because older mid-range smartphones simply They offer more at lower prices. It will change in the future.

Here you can find the Google camera for your smartphone (download)