Se supone que Google Maps hará realidad el sueño: todos los conductores están esperando esta función

Google Maps is supposed to make the dream come true – all drivers are waiting for this feature

Image source: GIGA

Google Maps is getting even better on Android – what has been rolled out in the US For a long time now finally reaches Germany. This makes driving a bit more comfortable, and can save you a ticket or two at best.

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Google Maps shows the maximum speed

In the navigation of Google Maps under Android, some users have discovered an interesting switch that is still inactive for the moment, but that should change soon. According to GoogleWatchBlog, the Android app’s “motor vehicle options” mention a maximum speed, among other things. This should represent exactly what has been available for a long time in the US, for example.

During navigation, drivers are shown directly in the app what the current maximum speed is. If you drive faster than allowed, the app can warn you about this. At best, this makes driving safer if a speed limit has been “missed”.

In addition to the display of the permitted speed, speed camera warnings may also be issued in the future. However, it remains questionable whether Google will also activate this confidential information in Germany. Traffic flows, on the other hand, have been displayed directly in the app for a long time. Where traffic is stagnating and when it might be worth taking an alternate route is already a problem in Google Maps navigation.

What else can Google Maps do, we explain in the video:

Google Maps makes driving easier

Google has been working a lot on its Maps app lately, with a particular focus on drivers. Information about traffic lights appeared a few months ago, and the navigation interface is also being diligently modified. Detailed views for pedestrians and cyclists have been adapted to show pedestrian paths and zebra crossings more clearly and realistically.