Google Maps ahora se está calibrando a través de Live View, que se encuentra en el "menú secreto".

Google Maps: Major Innovation for Electric Vehicles

Google Maps is getting exciting new features that are particularly useful for electric vehicle drivers. This time it’s all about the connectors.

Google is optimizing its Maps app in all directions, now there is another practical innovation for EV. Different plugs and systems can be an annoying “problem” for electric vehicle drivers. Google will respond immediately. Stores a function with which users can better tailor navigation to their own needs. Soon you will be able to choose which plugs for charging stations should be taken into account in Google Maps.

EV on Google Maps: shortlist for the correct connector

Two menu items are new. On the one hand, the selection of the charging socket when searching for charging stations, on the other hand, the new configuration of the sockets you need. Take a look at the following screenshots:

Undoubtedly, both innovations will be available worldwide in the coming days and therefore also for German users. But you can’t say a date for today, the new options seem to be independent of a specific version of the app.

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