Google Maps ahora se está calibrando a través de Live View, que se encuentra en el "menú secreto".

Google Maps: more countries will have functions for motorcyclists

Google Maps is now being calibrated via Live View, which is in the "secret menu".

In the first markets, Google Maps receives a new two-wheel mode with special functions for motorcyclists.

Google is making improvements to Maps and now wants to better serve motorcyclists with special features. In early Asian countries there is already an innovation that helps motorcyclists with route planning. These functions are now being used in other countries, but Europeans will have to be patient. At the moment, only a few people are likely to ride on two wheels anyway. As with other modes, motorcycle planning should offer the best individual route possible.

Abbreviations and reference points

The new two-wheeler mode is being tested first in India because there is no bigger market for motorcycles in the world. “The two-wheeler mode in Maps shows travel routes that use ‘abbreviations’ that cannot be accessed by cars and trucks. It also provides personalized traffic and arrival time estimates. And because many Indians rely on local landmarks, the two-wheeler mode displays important landmarks along the route so drivers can plan their journey before leaving and don’t have to keep checking their cell phones. “.

Google, AP