Google Maps ahora se está calibrando a través de Live View, que se encuentra en el "menú secreto".

Google Maps: Satellites, Street View and more: Google Maps of the World

Google Maps is now being calibrated via Live View, which is in the "secret menu".

Google Maps and Earth are powerful tools, for whose functions Google had to travel a kilometer or two on our earth.

Google is extremely powerful in many areas. This also includes everything that has to do with the subject of the cards. Google Maps is an interesting tool for end customers, but there is much more than just a smartphone application. Google has scanned the entire world. Together with its partners, Google Earth can bring more than 98% of the world closer to our screens through satellite imagery. For Street View, Google toured the streets of the world, which also made it possible to show buildings in 3D.

“Today we take more than 16 million kilometers of Street View images, a distance that could go around the world more than 400 times.”

Google is an expert in photography

“Once we collect photos, we use a technique called photogrammetry to align and stitch a single set of images. These images show us important details of an area, such as roads, lane markings, buildings and rivers, and the exact distance between these objects. All this information is collected without having to enter the location itself. “

Often, one is not even aware of the effort that must be made by the possibilities of Google Maps. Not forgetting that we can generally use the services for free.