Google Meet obtiene un diseño de estilo zoom con hasta 16 participantes

Google Meet gets a zoom-style layout with up to 16 participants

Google Meet gets a zoom-style layout with up to 16 participants

Every day, Google gets millions of users for the Meet platform, so now some features are preferred. But one thing is already possible through the extension.

Google Meet, the business alternative to Hangouts for schools, corporations, and governments, is trying to become a more serious alternative to today’s ubiquitous Zoom. For example, while Zoom can accommodate up to 25 participants in a video call, Meet promises an upgrade with up to 16 spaces this month.

According to Reuters, Meet has had more users each day than any other Google service since January. A recent highlight, according to Google VP Javier Soltero, was 60 percent more users than the day before. According to information from the company itself, there are currently more than 100 million users in the educational field, with a total of two million added every day.

Background noise filter and low-light quality

One of the first new features should be the integration of email in Meet. Some features would be preferred at launch due to their current needs, Soltero told Reuters.

Additionally, Meet will improve video quality in low light conditions and filter out background noise such as keyboard clicks and doors slamming.

It was also announced that image quality would be improved in low light conditions and background noises such as keyboard clicks and doors slamming would be filtered out. Until September, Google doesn’t ask for updates like big video conferences.

To give more people a face on Meet video calls, there is already a corresponding Chrome extension: