Wear OS by Google está mejorando un poco nuevamente, se ha anunciado una nueva actualización

Google missed the point and soon no longer has its own music app for Wear OS

Wear OS by Google is getting a bit better again, a new update has been announced

Google is discontinuing the functionality of an app for which the successor is not ready yet. Wear OS watches will be quiet for a while soon.

Google really took a long time to transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, but obviously not long enough. In a short post on the internal forum, Google announced that Google Play Music will soon no longer be usable on Wear OS smartwatches, but that they cannot yet offer a replacement. In late summer, Google Play Music is completely history.

Google Play Music stopped too fast, YouTube Music ended too slow

It is not a joke. Google writes in its own forum that Google Play Music will no longer be able to transfer music to the smartwatch in “the next few weeks.” By then, however, YouTube Music won’t be ready as a replacement. However, Google is working flat out. YouTube Music for Wear OS should work “in the next few months” on Wear OS the way users want it.

Meanwhile, Wear OS owners can only use a media control that is displayed on the watch when YouTube Music is running on the smartphone. Playing music directly on smart watches won’t work for the next several weeks and months, at least not through a Google service. You can not be serious?

Soon finished: Google is shutting down its old music service

via Google, Reddit