Nuevo: Discover en la aplicación de Google se está rediseñando nuevamente

Google News: Chrome OS Innovations, Google Search Watchlist, and More

New: Discover in the Google app is getting redesigned again

Stadia gets new free games, Google mobile search gets movie watchlist feature, Chrome OS makes Android apps easier to install, and more.

A short news summary provides the latest news on Google digital products that have accumulated in the last few days. Including an innovation for Google’s mobile search, in which a movie watchlist feature is currently being integrated. Early adopters are already seeing this innovation, but only through the Google app directly on Android devices. When searching for movies, new buttons appear to mark movies as already viewed or to be able to put them on a watchlist.

But Google isn’t creating an entirely new watch list. Instead, you just create a list in the collections. Similar to what happens with the places that you save in lists in Google Maps. Also fully visible in the Google app. In the next few days this innovation should be within everyone’s reach.

Chrome OS: the new file manager and APK download is easier

The developers are currently working on a new file manager for Chrome OS 81. It only appears to have some cosmetic changes, not new features. Oh how I wish I could edit multiple file names at the same time. Perhaps sometime in the distant future.

In Chrome OS 80, the so-called APK file transfer should be easier, that is, without the developer mode activated. Some extra steps are still required, you can now find instructions in a total of six steps from our fellow XDA Devs.

Google Drive: Testing of new work surfaces in progress

Google is redesigning part of the Google Drive app, including the document scanner. The screenshots can already show that the structure should be a little different. Multiple menu items can be assigned to their function more clearly, and there is also a new toolbar.

The screen for selecting files to be attached to an email has also been revised. No new features are expected, changes are only optical in nature. It is unknown when these changes will be visible to all users.

Stadia: new free games after the turn of the year

Google’s game streaming service will get new free games for Pro subscribers in January. As a Stadia user, if you have the largest subscription, the games are regularly available for free. As of January 1, these are Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider and Thumper. Both games have a combined value on Stadia of around € 50.