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Google News: digital print magazines will be eliminated

Google is discontinuing digital print magazines, the area formerly known as newsstand and newsstand will likely be closed. It is not possible to make new subscriptions.

Google is sending Google News on a small scale; the kiosk feature for digital print magazines that was offered in recent years is now being phased out. The new Google News had replaced the old Google Play kiosk and recently also offered a digital version for magazines. Users can also subscribe to paid copies of printed magazines in their digital version. It is no longer possible to make new subscriptions of this type, and Google even wants to refund the latest payments in the coming weeks. Magazines that have already been purchased are still readable, the message continues.

Google Play newsstand, newsstand, news – digital print magazines are probably not a hit

“With this notification, we would like to inform you that Print magazine replicas established in Google News. This means that you cannot buy new printed replicas or renew your subscription through Google News ”.

The Play Newsstand website still exists, but it may not last that long. The well-known Google News, however, remains unchanged, it is an important part of Google search.

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