Google Noticias pronto compartirá temas completos, fraude de nuevos clics en Play Store

Google News is testing voting buttons and night mode for web view

Google News Will Soon Share Full Topics, New Click Fraud On Play Store

Google News will soon receive more innovations for the Android application, two of the new functions will now be known in advance.

Google News will be expanded even further. New features are currently being tested and may be available soon. There are more details on this now. As well-known colleagues have been able to verify and test for a long time, among other things, Google is testing voting buttons for the news feed. Two thumbs should appear directly on individual articles, with which users can rate the respective story. With this, however, the user expresses his interest or disinterest in the respective subject. Users are not likely to rate the quality of the respective message.

Night mode for web view

Google News has had a night mode for a long time, but Google seems to be expanding it to include the web view. So if the app shows the mobile view of a website when the user opens an article, a dark screen automatically appears. We recently wrote about a similar feature for the Chrome browser. A website operator does not need a separate night mode for their platform. Thanks for that, it does our job.


In the so-called disassembly, the source code of a current version of the application is analyzed. Text modules and other information about new features often appear at an early stage. At this time, however, it is rarely possible to say when and if the innovations that have been discovered will actually be available to users.