Instagram y Messenger: ahora el cross-chat es concreto, WhatsApp aún tiene que esperar

Google Offers Crown Tracking Features Through Gaming Services: What About Huawei?

Instagram and Messenger: now cross-chat is concrete, WhatsApp still has to wait

Google and Apple are beginning the joint fight against the corona pandemic; Google is providing the new features for contact measurement through Play services.

Google and Apple are working together on tracking interfaces, which are initially used for a corona warning system. But it could also be used later in similar pandemics. The basis of this is and will continue to be the smartphone, which almost everyone carries with them all the time. Devices can use Bluetooth Low Energy to detect that they were in close proximity to each other. It can then be used to find out if a person got too close to someone who tested positive for the virus.

Affected people can be warned, the course of the infection can be traced, and you can react to it. The problem with all this is that not all states or institutes must develop their own applications or interfaces, which complicates the process. Google and Apple are helping by incorporating generally available interfaces into their mobile operating systems. Well protected and anonymized. This is not the only reason this collaboration is unique. Now Google has announced how Google is bringing these new features to Android devices.

New tracking features through Google Play services

At least now you will notice the clear difference when Android smartphones do not have Google Play services. Which has been true for many Huawei devices since the Mate 30 Pro. Google wants to offer the tracking features through its Google Play services, so there is no need for a full system update and all Android 6 devices. can be supplied quickly. It is questionable whether there could be an exemption for Huawei devices in this particular situation.

What you initially need applications will later be integrated even directly into the Android operating system. Google describes this as the second phase that will roll out next month.