Google Pay ahora es compatible con otros bancos

Google Pay is now compatible with other banks

Google Pay is now compatible with other banks

In recent weeks, new banks have probably been added to Google Pay, which are now also supported in Germany for contactless payments.

If you’re interested in Google Pay but haven’t been able to participate yet, you might be happy with the latest news. Recently more banks have been added, with whose credit cards we can now pay contactless by smartphone. In Germany there are probably a total of four banks. Although Curve says it is compatible with Google Pay, it is not yet listed on Google’s help page.

According to colleagues in Germany, the following banks are new:

  • Augsburger Aktienbank
  • Curve
  • Netbank
  • Penta

With the exception of the Augsburger Aktienbank, we already had everyone else on our general list a month ago. If you are at these banks, just open Google Pay on your NFC-enabled smartphone and try adding your own credit cards. I don’t want to do without Google Pay in everyday life, it brings me a lot of convenience.

Google Pay: these banks are currently included