Google Photos proporciona información más detallada sobre cómo eliminar fotos de la papelera.

Google Photos: “Current Highlights” is new

Google Photos provides more detailed information on how to delete photos from Trash.

Google Photos for Android not only collects great photos from the last few years, but now also always creates a new collection from the last few days.

For some time now, Google Photos has been automatically displaying the highlights of the past few years, calling this feature “memories” and displaying exciting photos from your past. Google is now giving this feature another feature that should automatically show you the best photos from the recent past. In English it is called “Recent Highlights”, with us possibly “Current Highlights”.

Google Photos automatically collects great photos from the past few days

According to Google, it is an “automatically selected album of your best photos”. It was featured in the latest XDA Buddy Photos app, but it doesn’t seem to be available to all users worldwide. For me, the top area of ​​the Photos app doesn’t even look like this, nor is the new design distributed worldwide.

Also, Google does not reveal what the “good photos” or highlights are based on. But possibly about whether you can see the people in it and whether the AI ​​can “do” something with the content of the photos. The latter usually works quite well when Google Photos automatically compiles other albums.