Google: Pigweed no es un sistema operativo más

Google: Pigweed is not just another operating system

Google: Pigweed is not just another operating system

First Fuchsia and shortly after Pigweed, but the curious name of the last project does not mean another operating system for mobile devices.

Pigweed first appeared a few weeks ago and the question marks were big for us too. Now it turns out that Pigweed is definitely not another Google OS. Although it was “registered” as such. Google has now clarified on its own open source blog and announced more information on this project. At the moment, Pigweed is still in the early stages of development and cannot be used eventually, and will probably not be of interest to end customers.

We are pleased to introduce Pigweed, one Open source collection of built-in libraries or, as we like to call them, modules. Pigweed modules allow faster and more reliable development on 32-bit microcontrollers.

If you are interested in Pigweed as a developer, you can read more information directly on the Google blog.

Why Pigweed?

“Pigweed, also known as amaranth, is a nutritious cereal and green lettuce that is also a fast-growing weed. In developing the project that eventually became Pigweed, we wanted to find a name that was fun, funny, and reflected how Pigweed was growing up. Teams would first use a module that caught their eye and then use more quickly. “