A partir de ahora, Google ya no vende teléfonos inteligentes de alta gama.

Google Pixel 4: Face Unlock Is Now Safer, But Only If You Want It

As of now, Google no longer sells high-end smartphones.

Google has improved Face Unlock for the Pixel 4, but a new option only requires you to open your eyes if you want.

Google has improved the facial unlocking of the Pixel 4, the function now, if desired, is a little better secured. At the beginning of the market, the so-called face unlock was still relatively unsafe because the face was accepted with the eyes closed. For example, you could steal the smartphone of a person sleeping on the train and immediately unlock it. It was also possible to unlock a friend’s smartphone while they were sound asleep. But not anymore, with a new option for the April security patch.

Google Pixel 4: unlock with eyes open only if you want

Once you have installed the update, you will find a new option in the Face Unlock system settings. There you can now activate that the person’s eyes must be open to unlock. It looks like this in the system settings:

It would be even better if you didn’t give users this option at all. It must be activated manually after the update is installed. If you don’t know about it because Google doesn’t mention anything in a change log, it won’t turn this option on. Maybe everything is different with the Pixel 5, but I would continue to criticize the current situation around Face Unlock.

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