5G: por qué los teléfonos inteligentes y las tarifas se están volviendo valiosos lentamente, al menos en la red adecuada, y aún son demasiado costosos

Google: Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5 and Nest Speakers release dates

5G: why smartphones and fees are slowly becoming valuable, at least on the right network, and still too expensive

Google will soon have Nest speakers, several new smartphones, a new Chromecast, and much more to offer. Now there are more start dates.

Are you confused on Google or are you just taking over the strategies of the competition? In any case, Google only accidentally revealed the Android 11 release date in a video, which then quickly disappeared from the net. We scored September 8 for this. Now Google France announced in a post when the new Pixel smartphones will arrive.

And you guessed it, this post was also removed shortly after. Ironically, the post was still available the next day, that is, through Google’s internal cache. And by the way, Google mentions that the new Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 smartphones can be pre-ordered starting October 8. One week after the Pixel 4a is available.

Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 will be available in advance on October 8, 2020.

Funny how that can happen. However, Google seems to post different messages depending on the language, the German contribution to the Pixel 4a differs a bit from the French. Not only are these two devices expected to launch, but there could be a big Google hardware event in October.

New Nest speaker in summer

If there are no more delays, the successor to Google Home should be available in August. The smart home speaker with an assistant, which Google later markets as a Nest product, costs around $ 100. A few weeks ago Google even showed us how the design was made. The colors “charcoal” and “chalk” should be available in this country, in the photo we see the lighter model in chalk:

As stated, there is more to come this year. The new Chromecast with Android TV has been around for some time, but Google has yet to introduce the device. An expansion is also expected in the smart home area.

via 9to5Google, R Quandt