Google comienza con nuevos Pixel Buds por 179 dólares, solo en los EE. UU. Por ahora

Google Pixel Buds 2 – Product page briefly online with full feature list

Google starts with new Pixel Buds for $ 179, in the US only for now

Google now had enough time to prepare the new Pixel Buds for market launch, the wireless headphones are already listed in stores.

Almost 7 months have passed since the introduction, the market launch of Google Pixel Buds 2020 is finally getting closer and closer. Compared to the previous model, the cable was completely removed, so the new headset does not need cables. This means that Google is catching up with some of its competitors who have been selling similar headphones for a long time. The first product pages for the new handheld were online prior to market launch, with a full list of features and functions.

The product page reveals the features and specialties of the new Pixel Buds

The exact date the new Pixel Buds will go on sale is still unknown. Not even when that should be the case in Germany.

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