A partir de ahora, Google ya no vende teléfonos inteligentes de alta gama.

Google Pixel: double pack update for those who haven’t received a December update

As of now, Google no longer sells high-end smartphones.

Google sells the Pixel smartphones with promise to update, but has not been able to deliver its security patches in full or only with a delay for months.

Google has a problem with the delivery of new security updates, the distribution or provision remains very stagnant. Some users also find out in early January that they haven’t received a December update yet. Although you don’t exactly have an old Pixel 3 smartphone. So, of course, the point of monthly security updates is taken ad absurdum. Meanwhile, Google promises through its own social channels that it will deliver the January update soon. The question arises whether we can expect a long wait again.

Pixel: Google wants to pack updates for December and January

And what about the button in the smartphone software to check for new updates? Unfortunately, this no longer serves its purpose. When pressed, no new security update is installed, although it has been available for a month. Directly on Google’s servers! So it could be.

Google is responding to complaints that it will soon provide a cumulative update for affected users, which will then bring the December and January security patches to devices in a double pack.

Maybe Google can do better soon with the distribution of new updates. In any case, people who turned to a Google smartphone would be happy precisely because of the promise of update.