Nueva frustración con los teléfonos con píxeles: el nuevo Android 11 también trajo un Bluetooth inestable: cientos de mensajes

Google Pixel: Emergency information even easier to access via a new start menu

New frustration with pixel phones: The new Android 11 also brought unstable Bluetooth - hundreds of messages

Google is bringing a new power menu to Pixel smartphones that also offers faster and more noticeable access to emergency information.

Google has developed a new start menu for Android. This is now offered exclusively on Pixel smartphones. However, this new variant is also conceivable later for Android devices from other manufacturers. A big advantage now is the carousel at the top of the screen, which gives access to reserved tickets and Google Pay credit cards. But also a much more conspicuous access to so-called emergency information. In a real emergency, this can be helpful if you have provided correct and important information.

New power menu: more information at a glance

With a correct profile photo, it could be recognized immediately in an emergency if the face corresponds to the person found. You can also see the name immediately. If you touch the displayed key, you will get more emergency information. Blood group, allergies and emergency contacts. Google could perhaps adjust the map shown here to provide even more detail at first glance. The revised power menu can be accessed by briefly pressing the switch on the smartphone. This applies to all Android smartphones.

This new menu, as you can see in the screenshot, is available since the March 2020 security update.

Android explains: this is how emergency information is stored