Google: Android 11 es la última actualización para Pixel 2, pero ¿estreno mundial en Pixel 4a?

Google Pixel: regular feature updates with exclusive content

Google: Android 11 is the latest update for Pixel 2, but world premiere on Pixel 4a?

Google is improving the software and update policy for its own pixel smartphones. Feature drops should now be available regularly.

Google has recently released new features for Pixel smartphones on a very sporadic basis through security updates. Sometimes a small innovation in September, sometimes a big innovation two months later. That should change with immediate effect. After the first feature crash happened a few days ago, this should now happen regularly. Google has spoken to The Verge about what feature updates for Google’s own Android smartphones should look like in the future.

Processes optimized for users and developers

Instead of offering innovations sporadically and randomly, there should now be new features every quarter. This not only benefits the user for a better overview, Google also wants to be able to optimize various processes internally. “By bringing this type of structure to the fore, our teams can better understand how to set up their development schedules.”

By the way, this idea is not entirely new. A while ago, Google wanted to establish similar update cycles for Android in general. Then came the provision of the monthly security patches, as well as the new strategy with its own Pixel smartphones. Also, these feature drops can be much better ‘sold’ with pixel smartphones. In any case, it sounds better than a security patch, but it will still be available.

Android innovations initially exclusively for Pixel

Some of the innovations planned for the Android operating system are even a little earlier for the Pixel smartphones thanks to the new features. We look forward to the recently announced innovation for memory management for other Android 11 devices. These enhancements are already rolling out to Google devices without a newer version of Android.

The Changelos are finally being used. Google would like to provide better information on the innovations that an update brings: “There will be a notification with more context than usual about the new features. Google relies heavily on the Pixel Tips app to help users find new features. “

Some new features: Big drop in pixel smartphone features